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How many is "too many" AKs?

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I know if you tell your average person that you have 5 or 10 or 15 AK-47s they're going to think you're going to start a coup de tat or something, but as fellow gun/AK lovers, how many is bordering on fanatical? I know some folks have one of each persuasion, others have lots of the same type. Personally, I'm in the double digits, not including kits waiting to be built. Some of mine are identical, some are unique.

Am I the only one?
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Ha, good one! :grin:
I dont know about too many, but I definitely know about not enough :mad: still looking for my first one.
Would you ask a coin collector how many coins they should have?
Lack of money is the only reason limiting the number of guns I have! :mrgreen:
Presently, I own five AKs. But, there's always that one or two calling my name! :grin:
Wakko,were u dropped on ur head as a small child? :lol:

Iv been weighed.
Iv been measured.
And I am found wanting more AK's!Many more!
I was born one year to late!
I currently own 2 my "G" baby :grin:
and its [email protected]@rd child the Akt-98 :heavy:
This might be classified as "A good start":twisted:

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As long as your kids are fed and your mortgage payment is up to date, I'd say your fine.
I'm single with no kids. :shakeit:
When you go to roll over in bed and the front sight post of an AK gouges you in the groin.
I think I have 11 at this point, with four of them identical almost perfectly.
"too much is never enough."
Well I will say my non-7.62x39 AKs I only have 10 that are of other calibers, 5 5.45x39(4 Tantal, 1 Hungarian), 2 .223(CAI), 3 7.62x54R(PSL).

I bought one of the PSLs built the other two from kits, bought the .223s built the 5.45x39s from kits ALL on 100% receivers.

Let's just say unless I am threatened with a Law deadline like a new ban that requires you to take them and register them for the Grandfather clause, I will probably not get all my kits assembled. I do however have 100% receivers for them.

But back to your original question, it's based on moneyand storage space, NO you cannot have too many.
"to many" and "ak" in the same sentence. i don't know sounds a little wakko to me. :lol:
I'm trying to stick to copies of rifles actually fielded by someone's military. Even then, that's a whole lot for your average bear.
to each his own...some people collect stamps, my girl collects expensive shoes and i have 8 mortgages on 5 houses so.....

i would have alot more money and rifles if i had taken this hobby up even a year ago but cest la vie. now own what would seem to be enough rifles however i want more. did sell off a few rifles to support other purchases but i want to make sure i have a few in case you cant get tham next year....
I have 17 AKs and counting.... Locked up in a far away place. My inlaws think I am a weirdo because I own so many AKs. My brother in law thinks I am weird...but then on the other hand he can't go a single day without smoking a joint so he looks like to weirdo in my book. The fuckin' hippy...

To answer your question...there can never be too many AK's in the collection. You might want to be careful on who you tell about the collection. There are a lot of wackos out there....

wackos and theives!!! i need a bigger safe!!! seriously, spend enough on the rifles and dont have a big enough or decent enough lock up for them
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