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How does Arsenal Inc import its AK parts?

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i have been thinking about this, since Arsenal Inc is a bulgarian factory, and all there parts come from Bulgaria how do they get around the barrel,parts, receiver ban.

permits no exceptions that would allow frames, receivers or barrels for otherwise non-importable firearms to be imported into the United States. Accordingly, ATF will no longer approve ATF Form 6 applications for importation of any frames, receivers, or barrels for firearms that would be prohibited from importation if assembled. No exceptions to the statutory language, for example for “repair or replacement” of existing firearms, will be allowed.
if they are able to import there parts(barrels, receivers etc) then what is the differnce between them obtaining/importing parts and building them in the US and a regular joe from obtaning a parts kit and building his own firearm on a legal US receiver (semi auto)

am i just reading the ATF ban on barrels, frames and receivers wrong. or does Arsenal build all its parts here in the US and stamp there rifles made in Bulgaria?
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The rifles are imported with thumbhole stocks, single stack recievers, and undrilled gas ports. They are converted by Arsenal and 922(r) parts added once in the US.
kinda like a WASR then.

another question are virgin kits still importable then to the general public with uncut barrels?
The barrels K-Var has in stock were imported before the ban.
Templar said:
The barrels K-Var has in stock were imported before the ban.

They have a warehouse full of the barrels.

You can import AK barrels alone if the gas port isn't drilled- it has been done with Yugoslavian "virgin" barrels- but Arsenal went the smarter route and stocked up.
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