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How bad should a Nagant barrel be? 1895 Nagant that is...

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SO, I have that old 3 day inspection period, the gun looks reblued, and some rust is hiding underneith, and I dont know how to take the barrel out to look down the for barrel quality. How do I work that out? thanks guys, also, if I paid for hand select, is it something to bitch about with some rust hiding under bluing, or for a 100 dollar gun is that what you get? OH, and its a 1939 Tula.
NEW QUESTION: the barrel is pretty rough, is that to be expected, or should hand select get me a good barrel? return it or be thankful for what I have?
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thank you, but I could not get the link to work... I'll keep looking I guess, any other help would be apreciated though.
never mind, found it here for anybody else looking:
If the rust is just surface and hasn't pitted, I wouldn't sweat it. I got mine about a year ago for $79. Not a hand select. Had just a small pin head spot of pitting on the muzzle end of the barrel, otherwise, it's like new. Think it's an Izzy.

Most of the one's I've seen have been arsenal-refinished. My two are.

I think that's fine for a $100 pistol.
Thanks for the replies guys, so it seems there's some pitting all around, it looks like it was refurbished over, so it seems the whole gun was sanded and reblued, but some pitting is still around, but reblued over and it doesnt seem to be spreading... also, the cylinder is perfect inside, but the bore is a cunundrum... I havent seen this before, all the guns I've seen had some clean bore walls even with stuff growing, and pits, and things like this... THIS one has sharp rifling, but terrible barrel walls, it looks like the walls were poorly machined, is that just how Nagant barrels are, poorly machined, or was this barrel rusted to hell and then rebored? the rifling again is sharp, rust free, and solid, but the walls/lands are rough and definatley in no way a mirror with or without rust, like cement... so, question is, is this how they are, or do I need to send it back? even the CZ52 has a mirrored barrel...
It's still rust free in the barrel, just a real rough, maybe blued? Barrel,
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