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hotshot 7.62x39 $126 700 rd cases at century

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until july 30th century has 700 rd cases of hotshot 7.62x39 for $126
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Last I checked this ammo on sale is soft point and when I called them this ammo is not in a tin but just boxes. But for $126 and shipping cheap with Centrury, I'll probably pick up a couple, soft point or not, it goes bang, sends a bullet down range and its the cheapest thing going. Just my two cents. Take care
thats a really good deal, too bad its soft point or id buy a ton.
for the same price per round you can buy GT from copes with actual UPS shipping.. $179.99 per 1K.. Not to bang on your thread but I don't personally see this as a "Great" deal.. Maybe I'm missing something?
the difference is $10 flat rate shipping free shipping on orders over $500 as opposed to actual shipping.
Gotcha.. I'm sure 1K rounds UPS will be more than $10..
I have shot some of the soft point and it was hotter than Wolf and Golden Tiger, accurate, and had a hell of a thump down range. For that price, I need to see if the "buddies" need some too.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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