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Hey! Where did the SAR-1 go?

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I turned my head for a second, and these SAR-1s seemed to have disappeared. The ones that I've seen are $450 plus. WTF!???? Anyone know what's going one with them.
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They stopped importing them 3+ years ago, that I recall.

Have a nice nap?
Not to bad of one.

You snooze ya loose. People must be stashing them away before Obama gets into office. I just looked at Gunbroker and not a single SAR-1. What is the average going rate if you can find one of these days? Is my $450 price realistic anymore?


Rip van vato
Hmm...funny, I was coincidentaly thinking the same thing the other day. That is, that I havent seen a SAR 1 in quite some time.

The ones for sale now (and there are fewer) are creeping up in price.
I started to notice this around the first of the year. The prices were
going up, and the supply down.

Just think what may happen after the next year, depending on the November outcome.
every sar 1 i have seen for sale, that is not from an individual, is over 500.

deals are still out there, but are not common. i have one, and i wouldnt sell for less than 500.
I should have picked up a boatload when they were sub $300. I guess
the key is to be at the right place, right time, with $$$.

Very very tempting.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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