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Here is what $35 at the fun show buys you.

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Stumbled across this MPi-AKS 74N stock set for $35. Could not whip out my wallet fast enough to snag this. All parts are minty.

Problem now is that I have to build a rifle around this furniture. :twisted:


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sweet deal
Cheapest thing I bought today. Went to the fun show today with a cavalier attitude of no real intent of buying anything.

Wound up buying this stock set, a stripped CMMG AR15 lower and a GSG-5 rifle. Still waiting to sneak the GSG-5 into the house so the old lady does not see it. :goof:

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That is a nice find, usually only find the 47 parts!
I sure hope you ran home...you STOLE it! I bought one of those kits about one week before the ban went away. I think I paid almost $100 back then. Its good to know deals can still be found.
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