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Help ID Chinese AK with Red Furniture

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Saw this one at a show today. Looked like a standard norinco stamped receiver fixed stock 7.62x39 caliber with slanted comp. but it had red phenolic or bakelite funiture and the only markings on it were as follows...
56 201XXX on the left of front trunion (latter being the serial #) and a very small importers mark (could have been IACO) on the barrel. Nothing else, no norinco, made in china, or even caliber marking. Also the fire control markings are S and C. Anyone seen one like that?
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Yes, I have one. It is an early 56 style import, if its within a reasonable price, 1000.00 to 1200.00, lower get it quickly. Mine came with a red mag & red bayo.
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Mine looks like Sasm's only its a double folder and a Norinco, another board member has one too. Nice!
about 1/3 of the page down

If you can get if for ~$1,100 or less and it is in good condition, I would do so!
It is excellent with red mag priced $950 + tax. Seller also had a clean HK91 for $1695. I offered $2500 for the pair and he accepted. So figure $1600-1700 for the HK and $800-900 for the Norinco depending on how you want to split it. I am pleased with the deal.

At same show a NIB polytech Legend fixed stock walked in with an asking price of $1000. A friend passed on it and by the time he was made aware of his error it had sold. I would have laid down $1000 in a snap but I was not there unfortunately. Can't win them all.
Very nice!! I need one of those!! :twisted:

if I'm not mistaken, that rifle's been floating around the Mississippi/Alabama gun show curcuit for the last ten to twelve years or so. There aren't a lot of those around here.

If it's the same rifle, I bought it at a Hattiesburg gun show back in 1995 or 96, and then (very stupidly) sold it to a gun shop here in town for about what you paid for it.

Congratulations on a great score!

Glad to see it's found a good home!
More 56 love, mine -

Paid ~$1050 w/ 2 mags, bayo, & sling. Excellent condition, fired very little.
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I promise to get pics up as soon as I can. Have a few questions..
The bolt, carrier, and recoil spring guide are also numbered on mine but not the cover, is that correct? Why was the FIRE position marked 'C'?
Did anyone import these besides IACO? Were these brought in the same time as the Claycos or later? Approximately how many of these were imported?
That`s a keeper!! Very clean and very rare. Saving on my hard drive under "Chinese" right now!! :grin:
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