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Had some ugly galling while pressing out barrel.

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I had some ugly galling on the barrel when pressing it out of the frot trunnion. Is this a problem? Trunion looks fine after a light flile to the edge of the pin hole. The barrel looks ugly even after some light filing to remove the high spots. Is this as bad as it looks????
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It wont hurt the function of the rifle. It just looks bad. Take some emery cloth and polish most of the bad stuff out. Then press it back in, no worries.

To keep it from doing that so bad on your next build, press the barrel out until you can see the sharp edge of barrel pin hole. Then take a small file and hit that edge. Hard to describe but watch the video on removing the barrel. Its a sticky at the top of this forum. You should watch all those videos, they are all very good!


It might just be me but I have always done the file chamfering on the edge of the barrel pin hole. But out of over a dozen demills, 4 of them had galling to some extent, 2 fairly deep and all Yugos.
This happened on demill number two. I did watch the videos and pressed just a little out then filed before pressing it the rest of the way out. The first one came out beautifully, but like I said number two is nasty.
It happens. The only way I have never had it happen is by hammering the barrel out. Of course that is a lot of work and lots of other bad stuff can happen using the BFH method. I have thought of using jbweld to fill in the nasty galling before pressing the barrel back in. I dont see why it wouldnt work. Fill it in and then sand down. After you press the barrel back in and paint I think it would look good. I havent tried the jbweld but I might when I build my AKS-74U. It has galling from when they built it, makes me worried about how tight that barrel might be. They just painted over the gouge. I have never seen a kit come with a galled barrel, nice that it happened to a $700 kit huh. Oh well.
+1 always yugo. Other kits sometimes have a "scratch" or two. The worst galling always happens on the best kit :lol:
dyi said:
The worst galling always happens on the best kit :lol:

All of my "galling avoidance" techniques failed miserably when pressing the barrel out of my first Yugo and it has a barrel that is like new. :neutral:
That makes sense. The first one that I did was a rusty beat up one. It came out beautifully. The second one, which I was more careful with and intentionally disassembled the rusty one first came out crappy. It was a nice once fired kit with paper in the barrel still. Go figure.

The barrel was an extremely tight press fit on all of mine that galled. There may not be much that you can do to prevent galling on barrels that tight except maybe apply some heat to the trunion just before applying pressure to press the barrel out. If I do another Yugo, I think I'll try that.
Yeah, it seems to only happen on Yugos. My M92 did it real bad and it was an unfired kit.
It sometimes looks to me like the barrel is tilting as it is pressed out and drags on the BP hole.
For my last build, I put the barrel in the freezer for a few hours. When I got ready to press it in, I coated it in some grease, and pressed it in.

The end result was no galling, and it didn't even rub the finish off the barrel.
fill it in with JB weld and then sand it smooth, you cant notice it after duracoat :cool:

animator, the problem is galling when pressing the barrel out. I have not had one gall when pressing the barrel in. I suppose you could shoot some freon into the bore and apply heat to the trunion with a propane torch just before pressing it out.
Same story here :). Ended up with some galling while pressing out my M92 barrel.
Catbert077 said:
Same story here :). Ended up with some galling while pressing out my M92 barrel.
Same here man.
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