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Gunshow today

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Normal Jax FL gun show, everything was way over priced except for 2 or 3 vendors. I was planning on getting my tapco FCG and possible gas pistons there (saw power customs has them for 10$ each now on sale) figures i wait all this time and they are 39$ and local shop has them for $24! Anyways TAPCO dealer has a chinease drum I ask him what he is asking for it $289 :shock: :lol: He said its pretty much NIB I almost start laughing at him and put it back down and walk away.

Best deal on AK mags i found was $10.95 for Bulgarian 30 rounders caked in cosmo. I purchased 5 for 50 seemed about right on with online vendors around the internet.All the other vendors had Eastern bloc 30 roundres going from $16-25! I found some Russian Molot 40 round ak mags ranging from $25-35 and Eastern bloc 40 rounders from $20-30. didnt pick any up. Oh and one of the best deals i saw all day was ONE East German Bakelite for the "rare" AK-74 rifle $42!!!!

Saw a couple nice Makarovs the guy wanted $450 for a Russian, and $425 for a Bulgarian I passed on both "deals" along with his $20 Makarov ammo. I purchased 100 rounds of brown bear Makarov ammo for 10$ a box from a small vendor who always has the best prices on stuff at the gun show. I can get it cheaper online but i dont mind supporting someone that doesnt mark there prices up 75% for fun shows.

I handled one Arsenal SLR 107. with folding stock. wasnt to impressed. Dont get me wrong I really want one, just felt like an AK to me it had the flash hider and not the break on it to. all the other AK style rifles where romanian and Yugos. i saw AES-10b romanian RPK's going for cheapest 429 all the way up to 699 :lol: with Yugo underfolders running in the 500 range. I saw 2 sks carbines. (actual carbines) both Norinco with Factory /36\ codes on them. they where quite a bit shorter than my Norinco and had a shortened spiker bayonet on them. one fella wanted $600 for his, the other fella who had one wanted $300.00 for his. They where pretty much carbon copies of each other to, the only thing that didnt match was the S/N!

Sorry for the long post. Just posting my experinces at the gunshow! I always know what to expect at them over priced, crowded and the know-at-all's that act like you have never seen a gun before lol, but like I said there are usually a couple dealers that have good deals and are not out to rape you on a magazine, ammo or a rifle!
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sounds exactly like shows around here, i still dont know how i get tricked into going expecting some awesome finds, but i usually come home empty handed :neutral:
A 40 dollar EG bakelite, now I've heard of everything.
On a side note shooters in Jax, FL did have Beretta M9's for 469.99.

Your right the show wasn't worth the going to. I did pick up some micro fiber towels 7 for $10 though. :lol:
the best deals are never with the stealers... always with individuals.
i normally try to go to all of the shows that come here i never purchase much though! unless its just a heck of a deal.
Just catch the micro fiber towels on sale at Harbor Frieght and save your gun show admission costs! :grin:
Went to a small show today myself in Lou. KY..... Not much going on there but the prices, $250 for a 1K case of wolf at most tables. Was looking for some mags and ammo found one guy slling at $209 a case so I got it. Picked up 250 rds. 5.45 70gr. wolf for $50. The surplus corrosive was $100 for 500rds. I know I can find it for less online. Started to buy a AK-74 mag for the wife (she pulled the trigger on a Tantal from atlantic), but at $27 for a pro-mag I passed and came home and ordered some russian plum mags for it instead. Not really any deals to be had, seems the panic wind is blowing so everyone is jacking up prices. Same 75 rd chinese drum I got back in November for $120 is now $200. WTF ?? :roll:
No shows this weekend in my neck of the woods. I did go to a local gun store that I absolutely detest, just for shits and giggles.

SDO1, you thought you've seen it all.

They were selling a Chinese sks for $469 ("those have been banned a long time now")

WARNING: Prepare to throw up. A WASR 2 was only $849 ("you can buy ammo really cheap for these")

Needless to say, I got my kicks and walked out without saying a word. :lol: :lol: :lol:
I'm going today. I'll be carrying around my AKS74U if anyone wants to stop and chat :razz:

Probably wont be buying a darn thing..no money.

ETA: I'll also be wearing Multicam trousers and a red hat with a hammer and sickle on it :oops:
Went to the Crossroads show in Phoenix yesterday - since it was in the stadium and not in the large warehouses this time, it kind of sucked. Did find two green-colored Chinese Type 56 bayonets (like the ones that came with the green bakelite Clayco rifles) for $10 and $15 each, and a Izhmash steel magazine for $6.

But not realy worth the effort and gas to go to it, though.
catsailer40 said:
the best deals are never with the stealers... always with individuals.
Not always true. I walked out of an Orlando gun show with a NIB Kahr PM9 with night sights for $525.
heartbreakridge01 said:
Normal Jax FL gun show
heartbeakridge01, was this a show at the Prime Osborn Convention Center? Those shows DO suck. The only thing I got out of the last one I went to was the class for my FL CCW permit. If you have the time, try to catch the ones down in Orlando at the fairgrounds. MUCH better.
i went to a gun show yesterday and everything was priced so high!

guy was seliing century yugo underfold for $800

then some guy had regular 30 round mags for $35

i laughed
Went to the show here in Spokantucky yesterday with the express purpose of trading by slightly defaced P-08, saw quite a few AK's mostly overpriced IMO, I walked by this bench and my eyes were drawn to a "butthole" stocked AK, I went over and read Norinco China under the milled receiver, on the side it reads National Match, beautiful finish, excellent condition, dirty but then I'm a little anal about cleaning my guns. The guy wants a grand and he is not a gun dealer, looks at my Luger which I was told was worth about $600 by a friend thats been in the business for decades. He doesn't know anything about Lugers but has always wanted one, wants some cash in the deal. I walk...pretty big show, I run into another rifle I've been thinking about either building or buying outright. This gunsmith has a shop built '84 Yugo Mod M-72 RPK, wants $800 I know this is way too high and offer him $600 which is high to some of you but with today's market I was nearly going to buy one from Classic for $600+shipping etc. He waved me off and I went on my way, ammo prices were ridiculus $250 a case, I can buy on-line for $189 I was tempted to buy some of the armor piercing stuff but passed, I was looking for some match stuff but I guess its nearly impossible to find. The HK-G1 I wanted real bad with sniper kit...outstanding rifle 3 grand. Walked back by the Norinco and with a little hemming and hawing the guy finally let it go, straight across...I'm a happy guy. Now I'm walkin around the show with this Norinco and guys are trying to buy if off me, guess I got a good deal on that one. After about 6 hours (the major advantage to not taking my wife) I strolled back by the RPK and the dealer says "So you want to give me $600 for the RPK." I told him that was the best I could do, he proceeded to tell me what he had into it and I mentioned that one of the rivets was kinda squinked which he explained was caused because of the very tough 1.6mm NDS 5 receiver, and on and on. I pulled $600 cash out of my pocket and told him thats all I got, turned and got about three feet, he says "OK, lets fill out some paperwork." I felt like I got a pretty deal and basically it comes down to that what ever anyone else thinks.
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Just got home. Prices are INSANE. But maaaan if I had had some money!! There was a Colt Model 602 barrel for $175, a 604 upper for $300, a flattop upper w/ 602 barrel for $400, and there was a PERFECT condition, Circle 10 marked Bulgarian Makarov for $295 w/ 1 mag and box of ammo!! I wanted it so bad.
About the only thing I go to gunshows for is a few boxes of ammo, or weapons parts. Other than that, its almost a waste of time anymore. :neutral:
I go to ANY show I can....to me it is like hunting or fishing, you aren't going to catch shit if you don't go. I have been to fud shows in the middle of no where, and found deals. At one fud show, I found a guy who bought a warehouse full of ammo, and wanted to unload it for $5 a box! I bought a case of Speer Gold Dot .45 for $100! I go to dig thru the parts bins that everyone else walks by...... some days it pays, some days it doesn't....
im about the same way, ive been to so many you know how to shift threw the BS and the good stuff. you never know when that one deal is going to pop up lol.

dtempler, this one was down town at the fair grounds, i have never been to one at the prime osborn convention center. they are normally at the fairgrounds or the shriners hall.

Blanco did you see the romanian AK kits selling for $250!!!
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