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I'm cleaning out my gunbox of all the unused accessories and selling this lot off as a summer special blowout. My loss is your gain. This is a superb deal if you
have a large gun collection, are a gunshow dealer or you have a trading circle with a few of your buddies. At this time I am only selling
the lot as a whole and the price reflects this.

The list will start from bottom left corner and work its way around clockwise. Some items that are listed are too small to be seen in the
photo or are stacked one upon the other. I have checked and compared the list a few times and find that it is accurate.

Go to Fedex for shipping from 85053

Box 1 - 26X10X12 30lbs
Box 2 - 24X21X10 39lbs

Personal check or money order for payment. The lot ships out in 2 boxes via FEDEX ground. Send an email for a shipping quote.

This is being advertised on more than one forum and as such I reserve the right to sell to the earliest timestamp. 1st I'll take it wins.

1 UTG Tactical Vest Size Large
1 German Flak Armor Training Vest L/XL
9 Five Pocket Hungarian AK47/74 Mag Pouches with leather straps
4 Yugoslavian Leather SKS/AK stripper clip pouches. Each pouch holds about 40-60rds
2 Romanian AK Bayonets w/scabbards and leather frogs Both have matching numbers.
3 East German Type 1 AK Bayonets w/scabbards and leather frogs
A bag of Romanian and Yugoslavian FA parts ( A mix of disconnectors, rate reducers, triggers etc. A dozen parts)
2 Romanian Bakelite AK Grips
1 Romanian AES-10B AK Grip
1 Bulgarian AK Grip
2 Yugoslavian AK Grips
2 Romanian AK Buttstocks - 1 finished and 1 unfinished
1 Romanian AK lower handguard unfinished
1 Saiga-12 20" Cleaning Rod
1 CZ-52 cleaning Rod
1 CZ SP01 Recoil Spring Set
3 Sets of Mosin Nagant Cleaning Tools
4 Yugoslavian BHO 30rd AK Mags with East German AK pouch (Bottom right hand corner. Mags are in pouch)
5 HK91 Mags
2 HK Cleaning Kits
1 HK91 Flash Hider
1 Bulgarian Krink AK drop cloth carrying case
2 Mosin Metal Oil Bottles in Wrap
1 Saiga Black Oil Bottle
1 Chinese AK Green Oil Bottle
2 Yugoslavian AK/SKS Metal Oil Bottles
6 Yugoslavian Leather Oil Pouches w/metal oil bottles (Bottles are inside the pouch)
1 Romanian PSL 4 Cell leather/canvas magazine pouch
5 40rd 4 Cell Heavy Canvas RPK magazine Pouches w/slings

In the center of the pic there is a group of rifle slings that are piled on each other

2 Mosin Nagant slings
5 Hungarian AK leather slings
3 German HK slings
3 Romanian AK Slings
5 French rifle slings (unknown rifle)

There are about $700-$750 worth of listed goods were you to purchase these from the online gun dealers plus the individual shipping cost.

My blowout price is SPF plus actual FEDEX shipping costs and in the end you should wind up paying only 50 cents on the dollar for everything.

Absolutely no trades

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Re: Gunbox Cleaning A Huge wholesale lot of AK/Gun Items 4 c

seconds if things dont work out

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just got done checking my shipping quotes, was pricey for me, good deal if your on the west coast

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7. Once your item is sold, edit only the subject line of the ad to reflect "SOLD" or "SPF" so everyone knows the item is no longer available. Do not delete/edit the original title, ad text, or asking price.

Please edit back in your original price.
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