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hello new to the site and mag collecting. iwas at a gun show this weekend and i bought 5 east german bakelite 74 mags for $25 each. when i looked them over 1 was for 7.62 and had a star on one side and an 80 on the other am i correct that this is a tula bakelite 7.62 mag? if so was it a good deal? sorry i don't have a camera to post pics. thanks for any help
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If you got the 7.62x39 bakalite then yes you got a good deal. Seems like you can find those mags posted in the For Sale section of the forum around 60 to 80 dollars.

I think you got a hell of deal on the russian bakalite.

The East German mags you got are about right. I have seen some sights selling them a little lower for like 20 a piece.
thanks for the help. finding this mag almost makes up for a mag I traded to a guy last year for an east german steel mag because i thought it was just some cheap mag. after spending some time here I learned it was a russian slabside.
Quite a few years ago, I was at a show and the same thing almost happened to me, I bought some $15 E. German AK-74 mags and said to the seller, (I wont ever do it again) this last one looks to be 7.62 ?!?
Had to pay $35 for it.
So ya you did good cosidering the ak-74 mags were about $10-12 bucks a year ago, if they are new, well next year they may be worth $50 ea? I have (10) NIW E German ak-74 30 rd mags last year I advertized for sale at $12 ea including shipping, some Joker responded to the ad that he could get them all day long at $5-10 ea............so I tossed the box back into the storage closet, I had never loaded even one.............now I am glad I did cause thats where they will stay!
thats almost what happaned to me, i bought 3 of the mags and while he was getting my change some other guy looked at the other 2 and said "why's that one more curved than the other" as soon as he said that i told the guy i'd take the other 2 luckily he didn't look it oververy well
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