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good stuff?

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i'm thinking of picking up this case of ammo from a local guy.its 1200 rounds for $225 (.18/round).i may get that plus a tin of romy 7.62x25 for $125.is the x39 good stuff?here is his pic->
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That's commercial Norinco ammo manufactured in late 1993 or early 1994, right before the Clinton Administration ceased issuing import permits for Chi-Com ammo. Shiny, nice boxes, copper-washed ammo (NON-steel core) with light green sealant to the case mouth and primer. Usually non-corrosive (never trusted the Chi-Com's) and good shooting ammo.

For the money, about equal to the Russian blasting ammo we have available these days. Good luck.
eh,i'll be picking it up mon or tues.it will fit nice in the bottom of the safe.
crazychris said:
eh,i'll be picking it up mon or tues.it will fit nice in the bottom of the safe.

1. Consistent. Very good ammo, and accurate.

2. Higher pressure than most stuff, but not damaging. Its a little extra oomph.

3. If the boxes say so, it is non-corrosive... though if it has a green bullet sealant, then it IS non-corrosive... and MAY even be the damaging FMJ load the Chinese developed. Lead core, plastic beads filling part of the bullet, and a steel case. The lead core moves with inertia upon impact- like 7N6- but the plastic pellets interrupt and alter the movement causing an earlier and less smooth yaw... IE, more damage to soft tissue.
it does have the green seal.i loaded some up on strippers for my norinco sks.i'll be trying it out next range trip.
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