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Iran's getting Nukes. Hamas is the new Government Party
in Palistine. Terrorists are trying to blow up Oil Fields.
Ethanol blended gasoline is higher than plain old Regular
and Pee Wee Herman got caught Wacking off in an

I live 22 miles from work. If something happens I need to
get my family home. Here is work in Progress.

Romy 4 30 rounders, A 10 rounder if I need to swing it
out the window.

All 3 vehicles have Alice Packs ( mediums) . Right now they
contain winter clothes, Power Bars, 2 Quart GI Canteen.
Coffee Filters ( crude water filters for now). My wife has a
sharpened bayonet and mine has a Stainless skinning knife.
All bags have all of our meds.

Main SHTF family supply Pack. A large Alice Pack with Canteen and
Fighting/work knife. Woring on this now.

Knife is a Becker 7" Carbon Tool Steel. Sharpest knife I have
owned. Bastard cut me quick the first time I examined it.
Ebay has lots of Alice packs and Canteens cheap.
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