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Ran across these, at 11 bucks a pop, worth a look. Anybody used these before
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damn good price if they work
Might be o.k. for range mags. :unsure::cautious:
These are great mags. I got a mess of 7.62x39's when they were $5 each. Got another mess of 5.56 ones for the SAR3. Bunches and bunch of rounds through them with no troubles as all! When my new AIMS is done beeing assembled, I plan to get a pile of the 5.45 version of the ACU mags.
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Ugly but they seem to work okay.
RTG Parts has them for 20/$99.
We had a discussion here when they first came out. IIRC, the followers may need to be replaced.
They work. I'd not pay $11 a pop for them. RTG has the best price, same price for 30 & 40 rounders. Metal front and rear lugs. I used them in 3 different pre-89s, a DDI milled parts build and a Arsenal. All worked with no issues, feeds fine and no issues with the followers in any of them.
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and not that it really matters because they do work very well, but I believe they are made in Bosnia, not Germany...

Also, some AC Unity magazines come with 2 (ea) followers. One regular, and one BHO. Perhaps these have the second follower and are slightly higher in price?
they are Bosnian. A/C unity made a batch for the german civilian market, but they are Bosnian
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