THESE WILL BE CROSS-POSTED SO I WILL GO BY TIME STAMPS. I plan to make a few more, though, so if you want one please let me know.

These are 3D printed cheek rests modeled off the original Israeli pieces for the sidefolding stocks. I designed both an "offset" version that went with the Eyal and Hit-eye scopes and also a "no-offset" version that is designed for over the bore optics. These are a new 1 piece design made out of a flexible TPU material, which is firm enough to function nicely but flexible enough to open up and snap onto the stocks. Some shoe soles are made of TPU to give you a reference.

These will include black stainless steel hardware to secure the cheek pads but they do stay on well enough to use even without the hardware if you wanted to be able to remove the cheek pad quickly.

Price is $40 each +$10 USPS Priority mail shipping (up to 2 pieces). PP F&F or USPS MO accepted for payment.

1. No Offset version for over the bore optics - SOLD

Rectangle Bumper Gadget Automotive exterior Watch accessory

Bicycle Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle handlebar Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel

Material property Rectangle Automotive exterior Auto part Composite material

2. Offset version for offset left optics - SOLD
Bumper Gas Cylinder Trigger Shotgun

Wood Automotive exterior Rectangle Auto part Metal

Finish will be like this one, with less texture:
Rectangle Luggage and bags Material property Bag Electric blue

Internal structure in this cut-away example....production pieces will be completely closed and this internal structure is not visible.
Guitar accessory String instrument accessory Finger Musical instrument accessory Automotive tire

Trigger Air gun Font Shotgun Gun barrel

Machine gun Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Shotgun