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I have some Galil blank firing mags for sale. These can easily be converted to accept regular .223/5.56 cartridges.
Appear to be new, old stock military surplus. Covered in a thin layer of cosmoline. 30 mags available.
I’m able to get 11 rounds in with the ones I’ve converted.

5 mag minimum purchase.
5 for $50 shipped, $8 per mag after that.

PayPal or USPS Money Order only. Will ship as soon as possible but please allow a day or two.


To convert these to normal rounds the metal insert in the mag needs to be removed. It is held in by 1 spot weld near the bottom. I used a flat head screw driver and mallet to break the weld. A magpul follower needs some slight filing to fit in. I have some pictures of some I converted below. Can provide more details if needed.
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