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G2 Disconnector Spring Issue

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I have purchased several rifles in the past six months that have the G2 trigger. I have noticed that they seem to be much lighter than the old Century triggers (which is a good thing) and that the occasional bump/double fire is common. However, I recently found an issue that left me scratching my head.

I have a new AKS-74 that I bought a few months ago. It also has the G2 and, at first, I had only fired a couple of mags through it, to zero it and do a little plinking. Other than a couple of double fires, it ran fine and I didn't think it was any different than my other, G2 equipped rifles. However, I took it with me on my prairie dog hunt, hoping to get some long range trigger time. In burning through a couple of mags, doing some rapid fire, I noticed that it double fired several times. Two times, the hammer fell before the bolt was in battery, so there was no ignition. Then, I handed it to my buddy to try and the first time he pulled the trigger, it double fired. The second time he pulled the trigger, it fired a five round burst, before the hammer fell with the bolt out of battery! I fired it again, after that, and I had several double fires and failures to fire, due to the hammer falling prematurely. It seemed to be getting worse!

My first suspicion was the disconnector. In looking it over, I could move it freely, a couple of millimeters, with my finger and it would rattle back and forth. I was pretty sure that the spring was bad. So, last night, I took it apart and replaced the spring with a spare from a Romy parts kit. In comparing the two, the G2 spring is a full two coils shorter than the Romy. Other than that, the spring did not appear to be deformed or compressed and still looks like it was made/finished yesterday. With the spring replaced, everything appears to be tight and function properly with hand cycling and testing, though I have not fired it yet.

My question is; are all the G2 springs this way? Or, is this a one-off situation? While my other rifles' disconnectors don't appear to rattle, I would rather know BEFORE having this happen in front of the local LEO, at the range. :shock:

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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The G2 FCGs do not come with springs.

It sounds like whoever is selling/building you your rifles is using crap springs, and I'd recommend you buy new disconnecter springs for all of the ones that "double".

I've built several dozen Kalashnikovs with the G2 and never seen this condition with mine.

The cost of new springs will surely outweigh the cost of a lawyer or 10 years living with Bubba.

Thanks for the input. That would explain a lot. Most of the rifles that I have with the G2 are from Century (but not the 74, of course). Looks like I'll be doing a thorough check and likely replacement on all of them then. :roll:
Occasional doubles are not normal, they are malfunctions and they are not good.
Maybe this can help:

Thanks for the info, guys.

I replaced the spring and I think everything should be good to go. I should be able to take it out and shoot, in the next day or two.

Thanks again!
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