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Found a few deals recently on cars and I keep thinking how nice it would be to pick up someone else's project that they've sunk all the $ in to and taken the hit so that I'd have a decent street car that should retain most of its initial investment. I want to keep my most treasured builds, but I thought I would gauge interest in the ones I could consider parting with. Funny thing is, I would hate to actually list and sell all of these individually. That's out of the question at this point. It would be cool if I could trade for the car I wanted but that's way too far-fetched. Another idea would be to see if anyone here might be interested in taking a bulk of them in a package.

Here's a rundown on what could potentially go:

Most all have correct Russian slings and accoutrements. I have all the correct mags for these too and could work some in if need be.

Like I said I don't WANT to sell any one of these - but if anyone wanted to work a big package deal I would entertain. If you're really interested we can move forward privately with pics and more details.
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