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Well my tv died so I get to sell a few things. All prices include shipping CONUS. USPS money order or cash only. After posting "I'll take it" please follow up with a PM. This will be put up elsewhere tomorrow so if you see something you want don't wait too long. PM me for pics/ questions. Thanks for looking.

1) Pistol grips- all are $12 except D. which is $15. $20 for any two only $10 (D. is $13)with purchase of multiple items. I can add the ribbed rubber grip that you see on D. for $3.
A. Bulgarian
B.:::SPF::: Romanian Bakelite
C. Tapco
D. Black Bulgarian with ribbed rubber grip added. Very comfortable and easy to grip. Noticeably thicker than a standard grip

:::SPF:::2)Romanian "donkey dong" lower foregrip- $20

:::SPF:::3) A2 style flash hider for a standard 7.62 AK- $12

:::SPF:::4) Refinished wooden stock set. Looks very nice. Includes all metal shown.- $60

:::SPF:::5) Bulgarian Folding stock set. Foregrips have a heat shield and some minor writing/trench art. -$150

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