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FS Polish Tantal kit SPF

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Polish 5.45x39 Tantal kit FS. ALL parts matching numbers. Kit shows carry wear, lands look sharp and passes "bullet test" with flying colors. Kit ships with everything shown. Magazine is not included as it looked as if it was hit with a Ball Peen hammer! Price reflects absense of magazine.
Buyer pays actual UPS ground charge from 30024.

Kit $325 plus buyer pays actual shipping. USPO/certified funds or personal check (will hold 5-15 days until funds clear BOTH banks)

First "I'll take it" in this thread gets the kit, please include a follow up email to [email protected] for payment instructions.
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Can you post a pic of that that mag you mentioned?
SOLD PENDING FUNDS to AUZIE. Payment instructions inbound.

WOW, I wasn't sure from your description, but I'm a beleiver now. That was passed off as new at one time?
It came with kit when i bought it...place I got it from sold the kit "as is" so I can't really complain...! Auzie gets it if he wants it. The upper feed lip reinforcement block is bent in so the follower is jammed solid. I see no way to fix this unfortunately. :mad:
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