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FS: Mojo AK Rear Peep Sight $46.99 on Sale $38.99

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Mojo AK Rear Peep Sight $46.99 on Sale $38.99

Fully screw-adjustable for windage and elevation. Double recessed .150 aperture. Integrally machine mounting lugs.

http://powercustom.com/catalog/product_ ... 67a71f7d0e [url="http://powercustom.com/cata...p://powercustom.com/catalog/images/MojoAK.jpg
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Don't want to be a pain

I want to purchase the Mojo sight, however, you power custom shows the 38.99 discount but does not allow me to add it to the cart. Is it out of stock? It appears to be available on you RedStar Arms sight at the regular price. I did not want to process the order on the RSA site until I found out the skinny on the little peep sight. Thansks!

Looks like the sight has been upgraded since last night. Inbound order.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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