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I have a rather rare Chinese SKS built by Norinco and imported by B West which is a DP 4 symbol marked variant with a very discreet import stamp. Excellent condition fired very little and still has traces of cosmoline inside and out. All numbers match on stock, receiver, receiver cover, bolt, bolt carrier, magazine, trigger group an extractor.

I am asking $435 shipped which includes full insurance and tracking( cash or Online payments only at this time as either "gift" or include 2.9% fee)

Willing to trade for:
Lee Enfield No.4 rifles
sported but restorable Model 1917s, Model 1903s(safe serials only) and Model 1903A3s
Link to the picture slideshow:
DP 4 SYMBOL B WEST NORINCO Slideshow by 1917shooter3006 | Photobucket
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