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3/8" Cold Rolled Steel Base.
Precision "NO MEASURING" Alignment Pins.
Precision Milled Side and Lower Plates.
Relief cuts on magwell dimples, selector, selector stop and X-Y axis dimples.
Top rail bending jig included for an ideal no-hammering bending process.
Top rails are bent using your shop press.

Flat bending jig with "no hammer" top rail add-on is $220.00. Get a Free Retainer Plate if you order the Flat Bending Jig. You must post in the comments section you saw this ad on www.theakforum.net. Alsop we only have 2 of the Flat Bending Jigs left. This is a first come first served basis. Thanks.

http://powercustom.com/catalog/product_ ... cts_id=573 AK-Builder's Rivet Sets $9.99 [...wercustom.com/catalog/product_ ... cts_id=572[/url]

Barrel Installation and Removal Kit $90.00

http://powercustom.com/catalog/product_ ... cts_id=574 AK-47 Adj. Trigger Guard Rivet Ji...wercustom.com/catalog/product_ ... cts_id=655[/url]

We have all of these items in stock and ready to ship. Please give us a call at 1-573-372-5684 if you have any questions.


Randall Power
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