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FS: Campy Sight Tool $24.99

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Campy Sight Tool $24.99

Tired of trying to find two men and a boy to help remove your AK rear sight. So were we.

Thanks to Bob King AK shooter and inventor we were able to team up and produce a tool that will quickly and simple help install or remove a sight.

Tool grade steel with a nickel finish. A great item to have in the tool box.

Fits: SAR-1, SAR-2, SAR-3, MAK 90, Romak 3.

http://powercustom.com/catalog/product_ ... cts_id=450 3mm Gas Piston Rivets $1.25 [ur...wercustom.com/catalog/product_ ... cts_id=620

AK-47 Shepard's Crook Replacement $12.99

http://powercustom.com/catalog/product_ ... cts_id=166


New product from Red Star Arms replaces the bent wire Shepherd's Crook. This steel plate installs in less than 5 seconds and holds the hammer and trigger pins in your Kalashnikov secure. Forget about fighting with the retaining wire. Not only can you frustrate yourself and scratch your firearm trying to route the retaining wire, but if it is not installed properly your gun will malfunction.

Similar to retainer plates used in the FAL and in some modern Russian Kalashnikovs, the RSA Hammer/Trigger pin retainer plate will work in nearly all Kalashnikovs. It can replace any style of retaining wire and will make installing, adjusting, tuning, or cleaning your trigger group a much easier job.

Throw away that bent paperclip and upgrade your firearms today. This part will literally drop in your rifle in seconds.

Mojo AK Rear Peep Sight $46.99

http://powercustom.com/catalog/product_ ... cts_id=195 AKM Center Support Sleeve $8.99 ...wercustom.com/catalog/product_ ... cts_id=628[/url]

If you post in the comments section you saw this ad on www.theakforum.net shipping will only be $2.50.

Randall Power
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