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FS; AR, Ameetec Lower/Side Charging Upper, 24"BBL, Ace

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Ameetec Complete Lower
Ace 9.5" Skeleton Stock With 1" pad
Side Charging Upper With modified bolt
24" Bushmaster BBL
YHM 4-Rail Gas Block
Smith Enterprise Vortex FH
Also you get a Bushmaster V Match Free-Floater (Nice and scratched up)

As you can see its all Pre-scratched up(picatinny rail and such), And theres a nice gap between uper and lower, I got a "Accuwedge" in it now, Had a "Expandable Tensioning Pin" But it was to much work to disassemble it

Asking $800

(Bewher The Shadow)

(The Gap)
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Do I need to do a price drop? Or just PM the price your willing to pay
reduced to $700
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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