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OK folks, it took me a LONG time to get these parts together, but I have fall tuition coming up and I need to gather some cash to finish my AK builds before that time comes, so this is up for sale.

This is a complete upper. It has been Test Fired, that is it. Here is what it consists of:

-FN A3 Upper Receiver - Marked with a keyhole and F as shown
-FN Bolt Carrier - Marked "FN" as shown
-FN Bolt - Marked "MPF" as shown
(Firing Pin, Retaining Pin, Cam pin, etc of course included, as this is a COMPLETE upper)
-FN M16A4 Barrel. This is marked FNMI 5.56 NATO 1:7 as shown, and has an F marked front sight base and A2 flash hider, all original and unaltered. The Delta Ring assy is original and is flawless, no damage
-Excellent Condition KAC M5 Ras. This comes w/ 3 Long KAC Panels, the KAC VFG, and ergo ladder panels to cover the rest of the Ras when its stored so nothing happens to it.

That takes care of the upper, FN parts are not sold on the civilian market, so this may be your last and ONLY chance to get a complete FN M16A4 Upper

The lower is a Colt Match Target M4 Carbine w/ a BRAND NEW never fired Colt Stock Set. This can be added as a complete lower for $450, or you can add just the A2 stock set for $85. The Lower has about 6,000 rounds on it from another rifle, it shows some wear on the inside but the outside looks REALLY nice, its not perfect, but its excellent condition, and comes with a Colt Match Trigger that is smooth as butter.

The price for the upper is was $1200 now $1100 Shipped
The price for the upper and stockset is was $1250 now $1150 Shipped
The price for the complete rifle was $1600 now $1500shipped.

I will hear all trade offers, but if its not something i am looking for, be prepared to take a bit of a hit on the deal.

Please IM me here. I have over 200+ feedback on AR15.com and a few here as well. I take USPS MO or PayPal + 3% for this item. I also have Colt 723 Parts that I may be selling, inquire via PM.

Here are photos of the item, any spots or discoloration is leftover oil (ie the stock and upper) and the closeup pic of the lower shows what look to be scratches, however there are none so this is a weird camera flash phenomena :D

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