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front trunion not in square...

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I am working on a build I fitted the front trunion and with the trunion in it looks like the one side of the recever must be a wee bit taller on one side than the other. I am using a Tapco flat with pre bent top rails. The jig I am using is a AGI with a home built outer jig. All the holes line up and the rivet holes all lined up except for two and a couple of passes with a rat tail they fell in. Any Help? Thanks Randy :neutral:
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What's the left vs right side measurement?
dyi said:
What's the left vs right side measurement?
Meashuring from the flat spot tward the front of the barrel pin hole the right side is 1.40 and from the left 1.38.

Should this worry me?? Sory for the dumb questions my first build...
from experience...It'll work.....but It'll look like a blind monkey built it if it's too noticable. 1.38 vs 1.40 shouldn't be too bad, as long as it's not enough to raise your bolt carrier a bit to high for reliable feeding. also check to see if your rear is square, and If it is It'll look warped, Ie when looking down the rifle lawing on a table....... demilled one of my first builds with this same exact problem eventually got on my nerves enough to take a grinder to it........
Bent two more Tapco flats turned out ok. had to do a few mods to make things work. from what I could see the stamp where the mag hole is is not square I think. I finished my first recever and put the bolt and carrier in to check the action. It is a little sticky going into the front trunion. I think it will be smother when I put the barrel in and the gas tube where the carrier is centered. It did get better the more I worked it back and fourth. I hope to blast and parkerize it soon. I will build another one before that. Randy
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Never use anything from Tapco

- specially their flats. These have a long history of problems going back several years. The pre-bent flats have been spotty with issues like the rails being too high as well as inconsistent manufacture. When I started building I made two rifles on Tapco flats before I switched to AK-Builder flats. The Tapco ones stand out like sore thumbs now.
Thanks for the advice. I will try some of the AK builder flats. All tips are appreciated...Just getting started with AK builds. :cool:
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