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Front and rear sight block?

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Are the romy 'G' kit front and rear sight blocks similar to the russian AKM for a clone build?

Thank you....Again.
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Didnt think this would be a hard one to ask! :neutral:
I built a 1966 clone out of a romy kit. I got a Russian front sight from Red Dawn for like $20.00 and swaped front sights. It took all of about 20 minutes. On the rear sight block I just sanded the "G" off with an air sander. The "G" was only lightly engraved with an electric pencil. Used a bench top belt sander to sand off the markings on the front trunion and had it engraved with the Izzy triangle & serial numbers. I'm happy with it.
Right on! Thanks fellas. :dance:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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