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The AR-M12F has always been in my mind before and after I converted my SAM7SF-84 to the SAM7SFK aka AR-M14SF back in 2017.

Fast forward to May 2021

After receiving the Tortort SF milled receiver last month, I thought… Hmm…. This Tortort SF would be a nice AKSU SBR. At the same time, the AR-M12F came in mind. I was like, shit. I have a spare NOS Bulgy CR FS/GB combo that’s been collecting dust in my parts bin for the past 5 years or so. Might as well do the conversion this year.

I started working on the AR-M12F project yesterday after I got off from work. Pressed out the AKSU barrel and also removed the FSB and GB on the original SAM7SF barrel. This afternoon, I installed the original SAM7SF barrel and CR gas block. It was an easy swap.

I’ve got to admit, the AR-M12F configuration feels very nice. With the CR FS/GB combo and the shorter 12.5 inch barrel, it feels much balanced comparted to the full size SAM7SF and the SAM7SFK. I’m actually very excited and I can’t wait to take her out to the range!

Purchased the SAM7SF-84 in 2015

Converted the SAM7SF to the SAM7SFK (AR-M14SF) in 2017.

2021, She's now in her final configuration (AR-M12F).

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