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Found a "North Korean" drum at the fun show.

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Anyways, that is what the seller said. It looks Chinese , its blued, and opens from the back. But under close examination it is quite different from the typical #36 and the #9396 drums. It has different rivet placement, carrying hook location, the winding key has the cut out oval in the center of it and two small holes on each side of the oval. Plus the key is spring loaded so it doesn't rattle on the drum lid. Also the internals are cut different.

I know this is worthless without photos but has anyone ever seen a drum
like what I described. The seller wanted $200 for it but settled for $150 OTD. (My wife was pissed that I spent so much.)

Thanks in advance

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$150 for a Drum of that design these days ain't bad no matter what it is.
I don't believe North Korea made or used drums but like the guys said, for that price is was good whatever it is. Wonder if its one of the new-made copies some folks have been talking about.

I think I'd load it to see if it feeds and works properly.
Not real sure wihtout pics but I have seen one with the spring loaded winding key. It was marked "polytech" I believe. it's been a year ago at a gunshow in KY that I saw it.
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