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I have a few questions on my Form 1.

Do I need to send anything besides two fingerprint cards with it?

I own a Corporation that has an FFL do I need to put the shop's FFL number on the form? I would think not since I still have to go through background checks when I buy guns, but best to be sure.

In box 4a would this be correct or do I need there full address?

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LLC like a trust don't need to send fingerprint cards or attach a photo or get a CLEO signature.

you just need to send in 2 form 1s, copy of the article of incorpration, and the citizenship form - 5330.20

as for the FFL number, there is a place on the front of the form where you need to write that licence number on there.

as for the address in 4a, it's whatever is stamped on it. you don't need to write out the entire address, just the name of the manufaturer, city and state

the question I have, is why are going the form 1 route? you have a 02 SOT.
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