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Here’s a little bit of eye candy for everyone.

Serial number MA 0001 Hungarian AKM-63 FAT.

Thanks to user Ibecz for all of the info on serial ranges and all other info he provided to confirm this as being the first serialized AKM-63. The guy is a treasure trove of knowledge and I believe he has a book being published soon.

Higher quality photos to come…

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Wood Grey
Automotive tire Wood Bumper Bicycle part Rim

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I’m going off of his research he has done over the past 10+ years. Can you post a picture of your kit/rifle? Wondering if it is an AKM-63, or if someone has replaced furniture with AKM-63 furniture…

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There’s nothing unique about akm63 furniture. If the gas tube matches, it’s a legit kit.
Let’s see it
There’s nothing unique about akm63 furniture. If the gas tube matches, it’s a legit kit.
He very well could have an AKM-63 with a different prefix. I would still like to see pictures of his kit/rifle to see for myself and for others to see that it truly is an AKM-63. I have had multiple guys post AMD-65s, trying to tell me that it debunks my prefix. There are also variations of the AKM-63, such as the “L” variation (infra mount), that have a different prefix range.

As far as furniture goes, it is possible to swap to the metal handguard, bare gas tube, and steamed beechwood grips and stock. Matching number on the gas tube, like you said, will tell us if it is original to the kit. As well as some other details his photos will show.

Now we wait..

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I have an og barreled kit with an HL prefix.
Could you post a pic of the gun with the HL prefix? I'm very curious. As far as I know, no HL prefix guns were produced in FÉG. Because H letter was reserved to mark rebuilt weapons.
Some cases, an H letter stamp was put before/after the weapon’s serial number marking of the former automatic weapons which were rebuilt with a semi-automatic receiver for export.

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My OG barrel AKM-63 is MB prefix with all numbers matching.
That's legit.

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* Several conversions were made by military units themselves, mainly from MC, MJ series weapons
** Former MAT weapons with a refurbished wooden stock and grips type with a mixed serial number, some exported, some given to Workers' Militia.
*** Produced exclusively for Ministry of Interior but was not put in service.

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Apologies to all, my bad, the kits serno was not HL. I was looking at my gun records spreadsheet when I came up with that prefix and that was the serno of the FEG receiver. Mine is actually MG prefix. I'd still like to know more about where these records are from and what the prefix letters may mean if anything. Its been posted in another thread here that all of the milled receiver AK-55s we have seen have BM of BMH serials, and those prefixs represent different agencies that they would have been produced for-
BM- Belügyminisztérium (Ministry for Home affairs)
BMH- Belügyminisztérium Határ?rség (Ministry for Home affairs - Border guard)

Would they have used the same naming convention for later models/years? Do we have any records of what prefixes might have used for specific organizations/units? The letters certainly seem to be jumping or going backwards at times, what's the logic to it all?
Here's my gun with its original furn on my AMD-65 crate-
Air gun Trigger Line Gun barrel Shotgun

Pics taken this AM
Air gun Machine gun Trigger Gun barrel Shotgun
Bumper Gun accessory Air gun Gas Electronic device

I assume the GY, MAT and FAT designations are acronyms, do you know what they stood for?
Do you know where mine would have fallen on your chart? It dosent seem to fit in anywhere unless the training guns are supposed to go to 9000 and not 900. Is there anything special about the training guns other than the serial number?

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Ok so. One by one.

The FÉG have some logic about serials.

Production started in 1959 with AK-47 (AK-55)
AK - prefix mean AK, then
BM - Belügyminisztérium (Ministry of Interior)
BMH - Belügyminisztérium Határőrség (Border guard)
GY - Gyakorló (Training)
BG - BM Gyakorló (Ministry of Interior Training)
B - BM Gyakorló (Ministry of Interior Training)
AB - Export

M(A) - M(K) Módosított (Modified)
MG - Módosított Gyakorló (Modified Training)
EA - Elektronikus AK (It has side mount) (Electric AK - Due night vision optics belong Army Electric department)

D(A) - Deszant (Paratrooper)
BH - Belügyminisztérium Határőrség (Border guard)
BR - Belügyminisztérium Rendőrség (Police)
BB - Belügyminisztérium (Ministry of Interior)
GY - Gyakorló (Training)
BY - BM Gyakorló (Ministry of Interior Training)
T(A)-T(R) - Testőr (Bodyguard)
F(A)-F(Z) - Félautomata (Semi-Auto Export)

KP - Katonai Puskagránátos (Military Rifle Grenate Launcher)

M(L)-M(N) Módosított (Modified)

G(A)-G(D) Generálozott (Upgraded, refer to distinguish from the old AKM-63)

A - AK
UA - Újonckiképző (Drill)
C-X - Export (They had to start it with C as most letters were depleted)

N - Nagysebességű (High muzzle velocity)

SL - Sport Lőfegyver (Sport Weapon)
SM - Sport Módosított (Sport Modified)

SK - Sport Karabély (Sport Carbine)

FAT - FaTusás (Wooden buttstock version)
MAT - Múanyag Tusás (Plastic buttstock version)

Yeah sorry it is a typo in my table it's MG 0001 - MG 9000
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