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First firing new Arsenal, Inc. 107F

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Took both of my rifles down to the range today, one being a new Arsenal, Inc. Bulgarian rifle, the other a Romanian build by Arizona Response Systems. From 25yds and a solid rest the Arsenal rifle was capable of a 1" grouping, fired at 50yds it spread out to about 3", on average the Bulgy was capable of keeping all the remaining rounds in the black or 9 and 10 ring on an NRA 25yd pistol target. The Romy has a better trigger, but can't outshoot the Bulgy.
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Glad to hear you had a positive experience. I'd swear my SLR107FR is more accurate than my "shooter" SA M7R (it's the only milled one I've shot on paper). It could just be my eyesight (a paper target just looks like a piece of paper at 100 yards to my 44 year old eyes), but I did see that the SLR107FR's groups were slightly smaller than the SA M7R's.
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