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Firing Line receiver problems/question.

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I posted this in the BIY section and got no replies. THought I would try here.

I just bought a matching Russian type III kit with a Firing Line receiver. I was playing with the parts and the bolt won't go far enough forward to rotate. Upon further inspection, I found that the lower rail on the starboard side is too long or the bolt has too much "meat" on it. That is where it is binding. Anyone else have a problem like this? This is my first milled kit and receiver. Any suggestions?

I tried several bolts that I have and none will rotate. Still looking for answers/suggestions.
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could it be a headspace issue?
Call Firing Line up.
He will take care of you.

Also try another bolt.... Any bolt will do
I have not assembled anything yet. I was just trying to fit everything when I got it.


I got the receiver with the kit and did not purchase it from Firing Line. Has this been a problem with their receivers? I've tried several bolts in 7.62x39 and none of them will rotate to lock.
It doesn't matter if you didn't purchase the receiver from them.
If the reciever has not been modified then [email protected] line WILL take care of you.
Call and ask for Mike.
He most likely will have you send your barrel, bolt and reciever to him.
Thanks. I can't wait to get this one together. It is my first milled receiver... and a matching Type III kit!!!
DrugRunR said:
Call Firing Line up.
He will take care of you.

Also try another bolt.... Any bolt will do

mikes a good guy
+2, Mike is super.
Mike has built several milled's for me folders & fullstocks, also stamps, I have had zero problems. They will take care of you.
You will need to fit the bolt. It will probably need the angle on the left bottom angled more. Common with the FL receiver. No problem at all. Top notch stuff.
That's what I was wondering. Whether to mess with the bold or the receiver.

Thanks Troy.

I'm still going to give Mke a call.
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