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Finally, AA-OK seperates their East German front sight bases

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Hey folks, AA-OK weeded through their front sight bases and seperated them out by 3 types. See pic below, the left fsb is early East German, middle fsb (who knows), and right fsb late East German. Alot of us have been bugging them for a while to do this. Below is the email they sent and a pic. Hopefully they'll work on the stubs with the fsb/gasblocks next :):

Here is the 3 different akm sights we have. The middle one is the
rarest in our stock and we aren't going to offer it for sale yet. The
one on the right is the one currently priced at $22 and is part number
AK-150. I think the one on the left is the one your guys are after.
Let them know that it is offered to you and your guys first as part
number AK-150R for $22 US. (Telephone Order Only at this point)

We should have plenty to go around so if they want to buy multiples
that is okay by us. If your guys want exclusivity for up to 2-3 weeks
(max) that is okay by us if you or the other forum members want to try
and resell them or anything like that. But unless you say so we are
going to put AK-150R up on our website later this week for everyone to

Brad York

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Cant wait to get mine :grin: so glad they did this for us (thanks AA-OK). if only they would go thru the gas blocks :grin: :dance:
Thanks for your efforts. I also learned something about them as well. I didn't know there was a variation other than the early circular and the late square holes on them...
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