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Feed Ramp/Bullet Guide Question

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Ok it has taken a few weeks, but I am much cooler now and I am ready to start this build again.

I broke what I am calling the feed ramp off the front trunnion last time I pressed the barrel back in. Its an AMD-65. Will this piece replace it?


Scroll down to the 7.62 bullet guide. Is this the same part? I pressed out the remaining portion of the rivet last night.

Also, has anyone pressed this rivet? What is the trick? Thanks again guys. You all the man.
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Yes, the 7.62 bullet guide is the same. You can order it from K-var right now and pay no shipping.

To install, remove the front trunion from the receiver. Put the new guide and rivet into the trunion. I use a 3" socket extension on the top of the rivet (the pre-formed head side) and push the whole assembly down on a hard piece of metal to make the flat head on the bottom of the trunion. Be sure to lift the trunion so its tight against preformed head and don't allow the assembly to shift or tilt as you press it.

Seems easy enough. Then again, I have said that about a lot of the processes on this build. Thanks for the advice. And i will call K-Var now. I like no shipping charges!
k-var,everything free if over 200 bucks is what I got.
I bought it from them, but shipping was $8 for ground. No biggie.
k-var,everything free if over 200 bucks is what I got.
Oops, my bad.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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