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This is a factory stub that is factory manganese parked - I used acetone to remove the factory paint. First pic is before spraying a light 10 second coat of paint on it, then after. I cranked the pressure to 35-40 PSI on this.

When we paint over raw metal we use way more paint than the factory did because white metal plus RP = purple finish. So we layer the paint on thick - This is why we get the super dark black texturized finish. It’s just building and building.

I can mang park but I rarely do, I just wanted to show y’all this for the guys wanting to replicate the factory finish. Its all about what’s under the paint. You know they didn’t use much paint like we do. If the metal is charcoal before painting you use less paint and achieve a more correct look.

And I’ll link a video of the stub below.

There is another pic of a center stub that has paint burned off, and with a coat of paint.

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