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Excellent condition Saginaw M1 carbine with extras-SPF

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Hey, guys. Sadly bills are forcing me to cut back on the rifle collection, and I'm afraid my M1 carbine will be among the first to go.

Here's the story: it's a 1944 Saginaw "SG" with an Underwood 1-44 barrel (the barrel is original to the rifle). On the barrel is the flaming arsenal bomb, "P" marking, and the barrel band is marked "JM." No other import marks are visible to me.

It has the usual rearsenal features, i.e. bayonet lug, flip safety, adjustable sights. The original park is in excellent shape; I would probably rate the the finish at 98%+.
Also, the original owner claimed that he only put about 200 rounds through it, and I've only fired 150 rounds, so the bore is still mirror bright-it passes the bullet test with flying colors. The stock is a typical M2, but it's also in good shape-no nicks or dings of any kind, but it is missing the steel buttplate.

I'm going to be selling it with an original 1943 mag pouch and two mags (one USGI and one aftermarket). Also included is 100 rounds of Aguila brass cased ammo and 150 rounds of Wolf steel cased ammo.

I'm asking $750 for the whole package. Please email me at: [email protected]. Thanks for the interest!


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