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I have a brand new Premier Crown Riot helmet with neck and face guard. $95 shipped via online payment

More info:

•TacElite EPR® polycarbonate alloy helmet shell.
•Expanded polystyrene liner with padded, sweatwicking inner liner
•Permanently mounted neck protector with Kydex® penetration shield and shock absorbent foam pad
•Detachable .150" (3.8mm) thick face shield with liquid seal prevents liquids from seeping into officer's eyes Molded lip on top edge of face shield prevents shield from closing over integral visor and striking the face
•Double D-ring fastener provides maximum strength and slip resistance
•Snap-on nape pad with Kydex® penetration shield, shock-absorbent foam pads and chemical-resistant black Cordura® cover
•Plastic chin cup for added comfort when harness is tightened. Optional chin pad available.
•Weight Model 906: 3.2 lbs.(1.5 Kg)
•Meets or exceeds NIJ Standard for Riot Helmets and Face Shields, NIJ 0104.02*
•Meets or exceeds DOT Standard for Motor Vehicle Helmets FMVSS218 for Impact and Retention Only.
[span style='font-weight: bold;'][span style='font-size: 14pt;']Universal 6 1/2" to 7 5/8" Adjustable[/span][/span]
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