Egyptian Maadi rear sight leafs . These are OG . Complete with cosmoline at no charge . They are $90 plus 5 $ shipping for 1 sight no additional shipping charge if you order more than 1.
there is now a total of 47 available. I Found these Monday morning while going through a large box of wood AK stocks, they were in a smaller box underneath the wood. I thought there were more than this but who knows, there might be more somewhere else in the 80 or so boxes from my shop but for now this is all I have . I had bought a bunch of Maadi kits back in 2014-15 and built them as rifles. Back then no one wanted the Arabic sights, so I had replaced them with numerical polish sights. So they have sat in boxes since 2015. Some even ended up in the trash. Ughhh.but I continue to find more here and there .
First come first serve..


Counter at 34 AVAILABLE 5:30 pm AZ/ MST 04 / 21 / 2023

counter 24
9:00 AM 4/30/23

counter 18. 5/9/23

counter 24. 5/20/23