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East German underfolding stocks?

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Has any one ever seen the stocks for sale? I might have a crack at a few of them in the near future.
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If they are EG they are for milled rifles.
Well, I was able to pick up one sample thus far, I might be able to get a few more. I am trying to nail down a better price...It was not as inexpensive as I had hoped. It appears to have been made in 1972 from the info on the packing was correct.

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Any chance for a pic of the EG packaging? I have never seen one as a spare. Very cool.

The East Germans had many quality control problems making the complete MPi-KmS milled underfolding rifles. A study determined this was due to technological deficiencies vice management or labor. Based on this and their WW2 experience they opted to not produce a stamped AKMS-type underfolder and instead decided on the simpler MPi-KMS-72 design for a folder.

The milled MPi-KmS underfolding rifles were produced up through the 1970s.
That stock pictured looks a whole lot like a Romanian MD63 stock.
I forgot about this topic and was going through some of my old photos and found a picture of a few more that I was able to get and the packaging.
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Cool, that's German.
I think there's a fellow on eBay that's been selling the NOS East German underfolding buttstock for quite a while.
I got one still mounted to the rear stub, very nice qaulity machine work on it, I guess I need to see if the small parts interchange with Bulgarian ones.
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