Items For Trade:

Very rare East German Mpi-k laminate stock in N.O.S. condition. Stock has no hardware, just the wood. There are a few minor black stains (possibly mildew) I have made no attempt to clean them stock has original factory finish. I had two of these, sold one. I have seen these sell for stupid money in the past, I got them for a steal, no need to gouge. I need some nice Romy stuff, I have just re-aquired an original barreled matching romy g gun I built on a nodak for someone many years ago, it was tacticooled out with tapco crap and I desperately need to put it back right. What I really need is:
1. A very nice condition un-refinished romanian laminate buttstock, either g type with black stripe or md. 65 type without.
2. a very nice romy bayonet/scabbard/frog
3. a nice un-refinished dong
4. some nice condition romanian akm magazines
any combination of the above would be nice, I put the value of the Mpi-k stock at about $125 let me know what you have, I really need the romy buttstock + anything else to balance the value but will entertain any offers, whatcha got??