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Eagle Discreet Case (SBR29) LE – SON OF Eagle CAR-15-LE

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Eagle Discreet Case (SBR29) LE – SON OF Eagle CAR-15-LE:

***PREFACE - I wanted my first post here to be a pictorial review on the SER III Khyber Pass (#2) and a Ted Marshall Krink that I just acquired. Coincidentally, the SER III and my approved Form 4 arrived at my C3 on the same day, so figure that's a good start into AK's. Anyway, I thought this review (with photos of both rifles) would be a good first post to start with.

When looking for a discreet case for my folding stock AK’s, I naturally looked at the Eagle line of cases since I have been very pleased with their CAR-15-LE case, which was reviewed here:


My requirements were unchanged, and only needed a durable and practical case to hold my rifle(s), preferably made in the USA; I was not looking for a case covered in molle and accessory pouches as I usually have some duffle or range bag for my ancillary gear.

Exterior View:

Purchased the case once again from Steve at Triad Tactical. Color options were either Khaki or Black. Exterior of case has a generously sized patch of velcro for any patches you may have.

Side Compartment/Resident Rifle #1:

The outer/side compartment is adequately sized to fit a Krink, with magazine and folded stock without issue. After suffering an episode of Black Rifle Disease, Scattergungivitis, and 1911 JBrowninfarction, I just recovered from AKcinoma. However, I was left with another AK rifle to deal with.

Main Compartment/Resident Rifle #2:

As you can see, a full size AK (16”ish and slant brake) with folded stock and magazine fits easily. Note, unlike the earlier version, the new LE line of discreet cases do not have the magazine pouches in the main compartment.

Will a SBR AR fit in this case?

Before anyone asks, the answer is not with my SBR, a 10.5”, with a Noveske KX3, Aimpoint Comp M4, LMT SOPMOD and PR-4 sling mount (i.e. stock not collapsed all the way down). If I had a standard A2 flash hider and removed the PR-4, it may be possible, but cannot say for sure

Side Compartment/Magazine Pouches:

While I do not plan on carrying any magazines in the pouches, 3 flavors of 7.62 x 39 magazines fit comfortably. Note, the SBR29 case does NOT have the additional loops sewn into the accessory compartment (flanking the pouches) like you find in the CAR-15-LE case.

SBR29-LE versus CAR-15-LE:

Picture is pretty self-explanatory. Big brother on bottom, in ranger green. Junior above in khaki.

Another quality made in the USA product by Eagle!
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Nice first post ....and welcome.. :smile:
A most excellent first post ! Welcome to the board.
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