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Hi Everyone,

I’ve found something I really want and have decided to sell off some of my prized possessions to get it. All listed prices are OBO. Trades are welcome, but cash is king! Feel free to e-mail me with any questions. Questions posted in the forum will be answered in this post.

Norinco NDM-86 7.62x51

The NDM-86 is the .308 version of the Soviet SVD. The NDM was manufactured in China as a direct copy of the Soviet SVD and is in service as the Type-79. This rifle includes 5 magazines, 4x PSO-1 Scope, Scope can, Oil Bottle, Original Sling, Manual, Sight Adjustment Tool, Accessory Bag, and Cleaning kit. Please note that the Bipod pictured is not included. The rifle is in very good condition. Wood is in excellent condition. The only flaws are some minor marks on the barrel due to someone using an M16 type clip on bipod on it, and some chipping in the paint behind the ejection port (typical for Dragunov type rifles). Only 1000 imported into the US before importation ban ended general availability. Typically, these can be found on web auctions for $2500 - $4000. With Match ammo, the gun shoots around .75 MOA. I’m sure a better shooter/ammo combination could do better. -$2900 + Shipping SPF

Interordnance SSG-97 (PSL) 7.62x54
Romanian built PSL rifle, imported by Interordnance. The rifle is stamped SSG-97 on the Trunnion, and marked as being made in the CUGIR factory. The rifle comes with 1 5 round magazine, and 4 10 round magazines. I have the original canvas scope cover which I will include as well. All parts on the gun are straight and assembled properly. No canted sights or gas blocks on this one. -$825 + Shipping

Saiga-12 Shotgun with 2 Factory Izmash 5 round magazines. The gun is in excellent condition.
-$700 + Shipping SPF

ETA: Payment options accepted inlcude Cash, USPS MO, or CC +4%
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