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DP at the range

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Young fellow firing just joined the Army,took him out for training on AK and other ComBloc weapons.
The Wiselite/MGS semi auto DP is a BLAST. Only recurring problem is hammer pin,tried a shoulder bolt w/ a round nut on it,seems to work ok so far.
Brought it out to another range a few days later,did some hip/assault fire w/ it from 10 yards walking forward to 6 feet,easy to keep on target. Then fired at an old "V" type bullseye posted 500 yards away.Rapid fire. Managed to keep 21 out of 30 rounds in the black,prety good for old eyes.
It is not an AK,but it is the Daddy of the RPD.The pans are relatively cheap and work well if you clean them first.7.62x54R ammo still semi cheap to shoot. The Beast likes Hungarian LPS type best,but runs good on Albanian and the circle10 Bulgarian on clips.It is fairly accurate for what it is and the weight cuts down on recoil. All shooting except hip fire was done prone(like it should be) w/ bipod set in to ground.<a>

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Have not regretted my purchase. Want to get a RPD next......
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