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Does anyone make 40 Round Mag Pouches?

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I have searched the internet and many of the forums and no one has come back with an answer as to whether or not anyone makes pouches for 40 round 7.62 AK magazines.

Can anyone help?

Thank you.
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I don't know if this may help you...

But the canvas M-16 cleaning kit pouch fits a 40 rounder well with the bottom folded ove a little -I did that and added velcro to adjust to other mags. I use a couple...they are very servisable, but, single pouches.

LG :neutral:
I bought the "GRAD 2 Gunner" from Russian Combat Gear. It looks great but it was designed for the 45rd thinner/straighter 5.45 mags. I have not yet found a multi mag carrying rig or pouch for the 40rd 7.62x39mm mags but am looking myself.

Do you still have the Grad-2 Gunner? I was looking for one.. :grin:

the east germans, russia, bulgaria make 40rd pouches for both calibers [7.62- 5.45]
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