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Did the postban Mitchell M90 come with a folding stock intac

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Did the postban Mitchell M90 come with a folding stock intact?
I thought the folding stocks were banned?
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jhoffman, I remember seeing these rifles, as well as buttstocks and pistol grips, for sale circa 1994 in Shotgun News. I wish I had purchased one.

The ban-era Yugos that came in right at the end had some markings engraved over and replaced, and they came with a horriffic butthole/thumbhole stock. I remember seeing a photograph of a rifle like this - WITH FOLDING STOCK IN THE CLOSED POSITION! with a full-size butthole stock attached.

I remember seeing this in a mid-1990s edition of the now-defunct magazine 'AMERICAN SURVIVAL GUIDE' - a company called 'Stock Options' was among the first to make US stock sets and pistol grips out of plastic for 922r purposes (I still have one of their slant brakes on my Maadi).

Hope this helps - sorry I don't have pics.

Yes, they came with folding stock in folded position, Giant Plastic crappy T Hole stock......In the box was the original grip ....i saw these in the mid 90's here.....Full stock models included there original buttstock as well.......
As the two guys ahead of me posted, yes, they came with a craptastic plastic thumbhole stock with the folding stock in the folded position.

Mine also came with the original pistol grip in the box.

Things were a lot faster and looser back then, Springfield used to sell "accurizing" kits for their SAR-3/8's that included the flash suppressor, buttstock, and pistol grip.
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