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...who's tagline is "you can't KILL what ISN'T ALIVE" ....ewkay...

Oh man... another Asylum film.. the terribad CGI effects were kept to a minimal but MAN do they stick out... The gore effects ranged from okay such as gunshot wounds.. to hilarious splatter like when a skull was totally smashed or a car runs over zombies.. now THAT was satisfying to watch.

This movie kicked things off the right way by starting off with an action packed escape by a group of survivors. A film has to GRAB your attention from the get-go and get you invested or at least interested in what's going on before it starts dumping exposition on you.

I think this film suffers from trying to do too much at the same time...The situation isn't explained very well, we're not told how they came to use Alcatraz as a safe house...and not enough character development happens to endear us to the MANY characters that are introduced.

But the real shock to this film is some of the big names in it.. like Levar Burton (JORDI! READING RAINBOW DUDE!!) Danny Trejo.. and.. amazingly enough.. French Stewart. Oh shit that was a treat.. he doesn't get much screen time though.

People doing stupid things and getting themselves killed. I can't really make further remarks without going into spoilers, and I do recommend this to people who like zombies to watch this flick. Just don't pay too much for it. :cool:
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