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Full title : Mold - You Breathe. You Die

...which is a straight-up, full-on BULLSHIT LIE! Hardly anyone wore masks and when they did, it didn't matter.

I may have grabbed this thinking it was a zombie flick.. but I'm not sure even the movie itself knew what it wanted to be. I think it tried to be a creature flick, but the mold didn't actively go after anyone.

It had one dude who's brain got infected by mold spores and behaved like a rage zombie..except he wasn't an enemy creature.. Hell he even came in handy...also he was the only person who was affected that way.. (If you want brain fungus.. check out the game The Last of Us.. it's freaking awesome.)

For half the damn movie even my sturdy nerves were grated upon by weird angles, stupid cornball dialogue, and oh are you fucking kidding me PORN STACHES! o_O It was set in 1984 not '74 what the ever loving... oh well.

There were a couple of funny scenes.. but not enough..

I was all

And at a little over halfway.. shit broke loose and I was laughing my ass off at the raining chaos. The squick value is at a medium/high level.. not a lot of ooey gooey sticky splashy going on.. but my standards in squick got set REALLY high with Braindead.. (hooooly fucking shit that movie...) i will say to avoid eating caramel while watching this thing unless you have a sturdy stomach.

I'd definitely advise to watch this with at least one other person in order to get through the boring parts.. or at least find a few brews to toss back.
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