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Ooooh boy.. I knew I was in for a treat when I saw a double whammy red flag alert... a SyFy presentation.. made by THE ASYLUM!!

Any fan of movies has already fled the thread screaming... but honestly it wasn't a total waste of plastic.

For one... Ving Rhames is in it.. always a fun time when he's on screen bashing heads open.

The special effects were utter shit.. I've seen better CGI used in student films... and gun enthusiasts will cry foul at the muzzle flashes, OBVIOUS blank guns.. and I about died laughing when they loaded a fucking Ma Deuce...complete with ground tripod... into a SHOPPING CART and wheeled it around.. and to put the icing on this shit sundae... you see 10 linked rounds in there...and they proceed to fire at least 30+ rounds downrange.. you can see the empty brass ejecting but the rounds don't feed. Epic fail.

On the other hand aside from the scrawny chick.. the dialogue isn't all that bad.. the characters interact well.. and you sorta feel a little something when some of them die.

The ending though is a big question mark.. I guess they were going for a happy ending but maybe it was sequel bait...
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